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Products and services
    Hangzhou Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is the original Fat Group Company Hangzhou , Hangzhou Power Equipment Factory ( founded in 1956 ) in accordance with the national policy on the basis of a limited liability company in November 2008 and the establishment of corporate restructuring period , the major shareholder of the company in Hangzhou Steam Turbine Power Group Limited. Company is located in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, hearts Road 128 , covering 93,100 square meters , registered capital of 50 million yuan , the company is an important base for Chinese medium and small power generation equipment production and exports , has been listed as national key enterprises. " Hang licensing " products in 2007 was awarded the title of famous brand in Zhejiang Province , "Hang licensing " trademark in 2009 was identified as Zhejiang Province, Enterprise Technology Center in January 2008 was identified as the provincial enterprise technology center . Enterprise established in September 1999 the ISO9000 quality management system, establish the organizational structure through staff training ; in March 2000 acquired ISO 9001:94 quality management system certification , in September 2000 rpm ISO 9001:2000 . In October 2005 passed the review of the quality management system replacement , the provincial inspection system of measurement to obtain a certificate in June 2007 ; 2007 , enterprises through the ISO 9001 Quality System , ISO 14001 Environmental Management System , OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety system " triple " certification. August 2009 review by the oversight measurement management system ; company also achieved AAA grade standard of good conduct confirmation.
    Companies leading products for turbine generator set, generator, motor and so on. Products have been awarded the Ministry , provincial and municipal quality products title and throughout the country over 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and for the development of China's power generation equipment business to make a greater contribution. Through years of accumulation and development, has formed a production capacity of 0.75MW-60MW hydroelectric generating set a variety of specifications and 0.32MW-50MW of turbine generator . In the company produced a series of hydroelectric equipment , especially high head Francis mature , high- speed unit production technology is unique in the power generation equipment manufacturers . The late seventies, power generation equipment that enter the international market , since the products have been exported to the United States , Canada, Sweden , Turkey, Cuba , Chile, Indonesia, Vietnam, Iran, more than thirty countries and regions in the international market of small and medium hydropower equipment enjoyed a better reputation.